6 tips for a legendary party

Are you looking for the best ideas for a party of 10?

Here are 6 easy tips to have an unforgettable night with Pubsurfing.   

1. Get rid of prejudices
No matter if you're French, foreigner living in France, a lover tourist from Paris, tonight forget your prejudices because everyone, regardless of where they come from or where they go, they are part of the largest party lovers community.
2. Talk to everyone, in all languages
Dare to speak with everyone, about anything. This will help you improve your language and at the same time will give you the opportunity to know cultures and different ways of thinking. Remember that laughter is a universal language.   
3. Dare to do fun things
Be part of those who say yes to the funniest things. Dance, laugh, play, anything goes tonight.   
4. Salt party only with the essentials  
Remind you that we are going from bar to bar, as a tribe. Therefore, we recommend not carry things you can lose. What is essential is best. Anyway, there is a dressing running all night.     
5. Use a simple and stylish look
Tonight you're part of a tribe that makes short walks in the neighborhood of Montmartre. Show a look that is comfortable so you can keep dancing until 5 am in the morning.   
6. Do not drink too much
The aim of the party is to meet people and live a legendary nigth. Some of our stops do not support people who have drunk too much. Therefore, it is best taken in moderation.