A cultural event


Discover Paris by Night!



It is a mix of cultural and festive stopovers with a young atmosphere for a unforgettable trip to discover the capital.


The story of the beheaded statues, of the resuscitated dead man, of the goat farming in apartments… Come and discover the incredible secrets which hide Parisian monuments, the legends which fed the popular tales, and the dark anecdotes of our historic past. The pubsurfing team will also make you visit the narrowest street of Paris, get you into the secret passages recovered by the city, make you touch birthstone statues, and even let you taste the supernatural water of one of oldest well of Paris.


There is a legend at every street corner. Each monument has its mystery.

Doing a “pub surfing” it’s discover some of them.



What is the story of the most famous fountain of Paris?
Which mystery surrounds the Sorbonne?
Why do famous people live next to the swers?
Which place was kown as the cigarette butt square?




Discover in one night the most famous secrets of the capital and visit places which no other usual tourist has seen between the visit of some pubs and bars of Paris.


Doing that, you will also have the chance of appreciating a walk along the dockside of the Seine on the light of the Sunset, have a walk in the animated Streets of the Latin district.


After all, Paris by night is also a fantastic place to enjoy partying… the visit isn’t over yet!